Eight Leading PV Manufacturers To Jointly Launch “bifacial Module System Array Solution”

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On December 5-7, for the first time, the 9th Photovoltaic Performance Modeling Collaborative (PVPMC), which has been highly reputable in the PV industry, is opening at Weihai, a city of Shangdong province. This is also the first time that the world PV technological giant institutes co-sponsor this event, the institutes include Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Sandia National Labs and Harbin Institute for Solar Energy. During this seminar, the latest research achievement “Bifacial Module System Array Solution” will be jointly launched by Arctech Solar and other seven leading PV manufacturers as strategic partners. They are Lerri Solar, Joly Wood, Sungrow Power, Sumec, Xi’an National-Invested Solar Energy, Solargiga Energy and Risen Solar.


Arctech Solar “Bifacial Module System Array Solution”

With its advantages of high energy yield, reliability and application to multiple scenarios, “Bifacial Module System Array” has become an ideal option to increase energy yield and ROI for project owners. Compared to regular modules, bifacial modules with tracking system could increase 15% to 40% additional system power output.

For the purpose of continuously seeking for more efficient bifacial module system solution and maximizing the performance of its back-side performance, Arctech constantly innovates and optimizes the structure and array of bifacial module. Via redesigning the supporting structure, SkySmart can maximize the value of bifacial modules. One example is that, SkySmart makes purlin overlap with the length frames of module to ensure there is no covering on the back of bi-facial module, and the short purlins are produced along with modules.

Mr. Bruce Wang, the CTO of Arctech Solar stated: For those who are interested in bifacial modules, one big concern is the fixing technology. Our patented 4 point/6 point bifacial module fast mounting fixing method has been strictly designed and rigorous tested, and certainly is a surprise to the PV market. In order to minimize the shielding of supporting structure, the shadow on the back of bifacial module and maximize the installation efficiency, the four aluminum plates are pre-assembled at the module manufacturing site. Arctech Solar is pursuing excellence of not only the innovative product but also the high quality, reliability and cost effectiveness of system solutions dedicated to our customers worldwide.

We sincerely invite you to join the launch event of “Bifacial Module System Array Solution” and “The Photovoltaic Performance Modeling Collaborative (PVPMC)”, which will be held at Weihai City, Shandong Province on 5th December. Mr. Bruce Wang, the CTO of Arctech Solar will elaborate on the “Bifacial Module System Array Solution”, and the compatible 4 point/6 point bifacial module fast mounting method, regular aluminum frame and briquetting. In the meanwhile, “Modeling Approach and Tool of Bifacial Module and Tracker Performance” will be also released during the seminar. We are expecting your attendance.

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