Arctech Solar Kick-Started Its Csr Project With Donated Solar Tracking System

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Arctech Solar, a world’s leading manufacturer and solution provider of solar tracking and racking systems, recently were honored to receive PV-Agriculture Public Service Contribution Awards in the 2nd International Green Energy Development Conference (IGEDC), which themed on global green energy application and urban high-quality development.

This reward is prestigious award in China issued by National Modern Agricultural PV Industry and Innovation Strategic Alliance, in honor of outstanding business organizations for the public program of “Lighting Up, Sailing for Zhenba”, which aims to establish a sustainable mode to achieve sustainable and recycle development in economic growth, education, health and life quality in worldwide.

In early 2019, Arctech Solar donated SkySmart trackers to Zhenba project for the “Lighting Up, Sailing for Zhenba” program, which has not only become a newly local breeding agricultural production base, but also created a replicable and scalable green energy innovation poverty model for some other China’s poverty-stricken regions. Furthermore, Arctech offered professional field support and instruction service at no charge to this project to ensure this project can be commissioned on time. 


“Lighting Up, Sailing for Zhenba” program,photo by FDU_Lighting Ip

"We're pleased to deliver this meaningful project. At Arctech, we believe that access to energy is a fundamental human right, and this project is directly in line with that," said Mr. Guy Rong, President of Arctech Solar’s global business, "In addition to providing highly reliable solar products and solutions and offering a good return on investment, Arctech is also to strive to serve as a responsible corporate citizen and capitalizes on its advantages in technologies and resources to innovate the ways in which it can serve the public by assisting in poverty relief programs. ”

This is just the beginning of Arctech’s philanthropy in worldwide, Arctech Solar further launched another public program of “Revitalizing the rural, shining globally” together with National Modern Agricultural PV Industry and Innovation Strategic Alliance to promote the modernization process of remote mountainous areas.