Arctech Webinar| Chile, a Strategic Market: Innovative Solutions with an Optimized Profit in Trackers

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With almost 356 days of clear skies, high solar radiation and low humidity, Northern Chile offers excellent conditions for generating solar energy, Chile is recognized as one of the largest solar potential countries in the world. Meanwhile, Chile’s Ministry of Energy unveiled its Roadmap to 2050: “A Sustainable and Inclusive Strategy", which plans for 19% of the country's electricity to be from solar energy. 

Against this backdrop, local solar energy industry practitioners and outside investors have shown great interest in learning more about how can a solar PV project be effectively executed in the country and how to maximize output and return on investment for their next projects by choosing a properly designed tracker solution. 

Arctech Solar, a leading solar tracking, racking and BIPV system provider and an experienced Chilean solar PV market explorer, is ready to provide the concerned audience with a well-thought-out solution for their solar PV projects in the upcoming Chile-focused webinar. 

Since entering the Chilean market in early 2019, Arctech Solar has set up a branch office in Santiago, the capital city of Chile, with a localized team integrating sales, project management, technical support and on-site service functions. Its reliable products and top-quality services have secured 37 PMGD deals within only two years in the country. Despite challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, Arctech Solar still commits itself to offering both on-site and remote support to solar PV projects in Chile now and is working with local partners to ensure the implementation of projects in an orderly way.

On October 28th, three Arctech Solar speakers——Nicolas Anselmo, LATAM sales manager, Alejandro Silva, LATAM technical sales manager, and Pia Vasconsello, LATAM senior technical sales engineer——will share their insights and hands-on project experience on the compatibility of tracker with bifacial PV modules, how to optimize layout and LCOE, etc. Arctech Solar hopes to engage more with local current and potential customers and clients to help the local community make wise decisions on solar PV projects.



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