Arctech's 2P Tracker Gets Intertek Listed to UL2703 and UL3703 in the US and Canada

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Arctech Solar, the world's leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider, announced that its two-module-in-portrait (2P) tracker SkySmart II has received Intertek certified to UL2703 and UL3703. It marks an important milestone for Arctech Solar, indicating that SkySmart II has gained the access to the North American solar market. As of now, Arctech has inked deals to supply nearly 20 MW of SkySmart II to two projects in the United States.

The tested to the UL2703 and UL3703 standards by Intertek, specifically addressing solar tracking system functions concerning the risk of electric shock, mechanical and fire hazards, indicates that the 2P architecture has satisfied the stringent safety, reliability, and quality standards for the solar PV industry in North America. 


Compared to the 1P tracker, SkySmart II, optimized for customer sites with hard soil, challenging terrain and irregular parcel shapes, features the innovative multi-point drive system which raises critical wind speed and promises increased stability and reliable performance under strong wind conditions. The 2P tracker requires only nine foundation posts per tracker and shorter modules, reducing construction costs and promising better adaptability to different terrains. It is compatible with oversized and bifacial PV modules. 

Additionally, the tracker takes full advantage of the artificial intelligence tracking algorithm independently developed by Arctech, ensuring a reliable operation of trackers across a wide range of weather and terrain conditions and increasing the energy yield of solar PV power plants by up to 7%.  

“The tested to UL2703 and UL3703 SkySmart II creatively leverages the multi-point drive system, which provides more stiffness and enlarges natural frequency at a system level. We took the lead to unveil the Synchronous Multi-point Driving System two years ago. This solution will fundamentally solve the instability issue of regular 2P trackers in extreme weather,” said Bruce Wang, CTO of Arctech Solar. 

Demand for solar power is on the rise in North America. Solar installations in the US are expected to hit 324 GW of capacity over the next decade, more than three times the nearly 100 GW installed by 2020, according to the latest report jointly issued by the US Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Wood Mackenzie. Thus, the regional solar tracker market is poised to observe tremendous growth for the upcoming decade.

“Customers in North America have long been hesitating to use 2P trackers because they are concerned about the product’s reliability and cost. With the conforms to UL2703 and UL3703 and an increasing number of SkySmart II deals, Arctech can reassure customers that the 2P configuration has field-proven quality and the market has huge growth potential," said Guy Rong, President of Global Business at Arctech Solar. “We believe the North American tracker market will witness unprecedented prosperity in the upcoming decade with the popularity of both 1P and 2P trackers. Arctech is proud to be part of the journey as we continue to bring more product innovations and best-in-class services to the market.”

Arctech has been committed to providing superior solar products and services to its valued customers and partners in North America since it set up a branch office in Sacramento, CA, in 2016.

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