Turn Your Rooftop into a Photovoltaic Power Station

The national environmental protection movement continues to upgrade, and enterprise problems such as high resource consumption, high energy consumption, and serious pollution have become increasingly serious.
The development of industrial and commercial rooftop integrated photovoltaic power generation has become an inevitable choice for green enterprises that are energy-saving, emission-reducing, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.
Photovoltaic power generation can optimize the energy consumption structure of enterprises, allowing enterprises to use clean energy production so that the business owners can enjoy the eight major benefits.

Eight Major Benefits for Business Owners

  • Continuous benefits from
    photovoltaic power
  • Savings on rooftop maintenance cost and time
  • Extensions of rooftop life expectancy from 10 years to 25 years
  • Great improvement of
    the roof thermal
    insulation effect
  • Peak load shaving to
    increase investment income
    in electricity price
  • Contribute to the society
    and relieve the pressure of
    peak power consumption
  • Become low-carbon & environmentally friendly enterprise and get carbon emission credits
  • Increasing social
    popularities and attentions
    of green buildings
BIPV Smart RooftopII Arctech BIPV SolutionDatasheet Download

Independent R&D of a complete set of systems.Multiple patents holding.Establishing industry standards

Arctech BIPV not only meets the design requirements of conventional buildings such as anti-leakage, anti-settling, anti-expansion, etc., but also has many other advantages such as high wind and snow loads, good lighting and ventilation, excellent heat preservation and heat insulation, strong vibration and waterproofing, and easy operation and maintenance in the later period.

BIPV System Parameters

Panels specification: panels with frame

Horizontal waterproofing: U-shaped waterproof groove

Longitudinal waterproofing: W-shaped water channel

Roof ridge maintenance channel: I-shaped
parts and roof ridge maintenance plate

Ventilation and lighting: adapt to the integration
of all ventilation combinations and lighting

Exclusive Patented Technology

A new type of combined rooftop photovoltaic system and its water guide plate patent
Photovoltaic brackets for panels and photovoltaic system patent

R & D Advantages and Technical Characteristics

  • Water Tightness and
    Air Tightness Technology
  • Patented Anti-Seepage
    Water Guiding System
  • Patented Briquetting
  • Cleaning System
  • Inspecting and
    Repairing System
  • Heat Preservation
    and Insulation,
    and Fire Protection
  • Operation and
    Maintenance System
  • Roof Pressure 0.8kn/㎡
  • Can Withstand Level
    18 Typhoons
  • Snow Load
    Resistance 5400Pa

BIPV System Advantages

Parameter comparison

Steel Load on Building
Withstand External Load Capacity
Upfront Investment
Generation Capacity
Years Of Use
25 Years
10 Years-15 Years
10 Years-15 Years

10000㎡ Photovoltaic rooftop power station BIPV vs BAPV

Steel structure plant infrastructure
PV power plant investment
Color steel tile roof construction costs
150,000 USD
25 years of maintenance fee
70,000 USD
70,000 USD
25 years of roof overhaul and replacement of roofing materials
150,000 USD
Effective installation of solar PV power station capacity
For 1 MW rooftop power plant, the installed capacity of BIPV is 30% more than BAPV, and the construction and maintenance cost can be saved at least 300,000 USD.

* Estimated data according to market