Twelve Leading PV Manufacturers To Jointly Launch “tracker + Bifacial Modules Hand-in-hand Program” At Snec2018

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On 28th -30th May, SNEC PV Power expo 2018 (SNEC2018), which has been highly reputable in the global PV industry, is opening at Shanghai. During this period, “Tracker + Bifacial Modules Hand-in-hand Program” will be jointly launched at 14:00PM on 28th May by Arctech Solar and other eleven leading PV manufacturers. They are Canadian Solar, Longi, Jolywood, SUMEC, Chint, Risen, Solargiga Energy, SPIC Xi’an Solar Power, SUNGROW, TBEA and SMA.


With its advantages of dual side power generation and application to multiple scenarios, bifacial modules have become an ideal option to increase energy yield and ROI for project owners. Compared to regular modules, bifacial modules with tracking system can increase 20% to 45% additional system power output. Therefore, as the core part of PV solar plant, only a perfect matching of bifacial modules, tracking system and inverter can maximize the performance of of modules, generate more revenues with higher energy yield and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Given the fact that frameless design and both sides are glasses of bifacial modules, it poses new challenges to installation, thereby Arctech Solar launched its latest research achievement “Bifacial Module System Array Solution” accordingly. Most noteworthy is the patented 4 point/6 point bifacial module fast mounting fixing method, it can minimize the shielding of supporting structure, the shadow on the back of bifacial module and maximize the installation efficiency. Meanwhile, Arctech constantly innovates and optimizes the structure and array of bifacial module, such as making purlin overlap with the length frames of module to ensure there is no covering on the back of bi-facial module, and the short purlins are produced along with modules, finally it can maximize the value of bifacial modules.

We sincerely invite you to join the launch event of “Tracker + Bifacial Modules Hand-in-hand Program”, which will be held at booth N3-510, Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 28th May (14:00PM-14:40PM). There also will be much more to expect from Arctech Solar, as sky series solar tracking and racking systems will make their group debut at SNEC2018.

SkySmart: the industrial record N-S slope 20%; greatly reducing the number of foundations; a double pitch risk-free drive-through cleaning advantage; the world’s first tracker specially designed for bifacial modules and compatible with all commercially available PV modules; self-powered system with Li-ion battery backup; the world’s first supplier to apply LoRa-wireless communication technology to trackers

Skyline: special designed D-type torque tube, easy installation; quickly finish the control system commissioning with one button; long range, low power - LoRa-wireless communication technology; the industrial record N-S slope 20%; string-powered system with Li-ion battery back up

SkyPower: high economic benefit; independent design; patented 4 point/6 point bifacial module fast mounting fixing method