Arctech Enters Collaboration Agreement of 300MW Solar Tracking Solution for Alexandria in Brazil

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Arctech, the world's leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider, announced the new big signing of a collaboration agreement in Brazil namely the 300MW SkyLine project with Alexandria. As a global market leader in yield-enhancing solar tracking and racking solution, the company continues to ramp up its effort in accelerating the progress of Brazil in reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

The deal has marked a renewed momentum of the company strengthening its presence in LatAm, where Arctech has formed another milestone collaboration with Mori Energia earlier this year on providing 168 MW tracking solution, showcasing the company’s dedication to deepening the market penetration in Brazil and expanding its footprint in Latam region and beyond.

“We at Alexandria trust that a tight collaboration and strong integration at several levels of the business between Alexandria and Arctech in our portfolio will bring extensive benefits for both companies, and ensure us a preferred position in the country”, remarked Alexandre Brandão, CEO of Alexandria.


Alexandre Brandão, CEO of Alexandria and Jesse Lau, VP of Global Business & Services at Arctech

Specialized in the construction of photovoltaic plants, Alexandria has just hit the mark of 350 million reais in revenue in 2021 alone. With a portfolio of more than 100 plants in 16 Brazilian states, Alexandria has decided to enter a cooperation agreement for the supply of 300 Megawatt (MW) of tracker structures. Arctech has already supplied more than 100 Megawatts (MW) of solar trackers to Alexandria in its previous portfolio. 

“One of our most growing markets is definitely Latin America. Right now, we've covered all over Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and other countries. We have seen the great potential and will strengthen our local presence in the region with our local team providing engineering, manufacturing, and after-sales services under Arctech's local operations in the Latam region. Arctech is dedicated to providing customized reliable solar tracking and racking solutions and value-added services to maximize the financial return and minimize unnecessary risks in Latin America and beyond.” Remarked Jesse Lau, VP of Global Business & Services at Arctech in the interview with BloombergNEF.